trip-sti-ga-tor (noun): A community of global citizens helping locals with online commerce. 

Did You Know?

We live in a digital world; a world filled with talented people with goods and services without the knowledge or resources to connect to the digital marketplace.  Tripstigator is a community of global citizens who use their understanding of online commerce such as airbnb, eventbrite and etsy to socially and economically empower individuals and their communities.  Tripstigators are travellers, marketers, teachers, guides, salesman, designers, social workers, students, volunteers, artists, consultants, and more.



How We Do It

1. Apply

Don't miss your chance to have an amazing experience by sharing, exploring, and making an impact.  Click, "Apply!" and we'll see if we're a good fit. 

2. Choose a Local

You're in.  Our members have access to our growing list of local businesses around the world looking for online commerce help.  A Tripstigator and our community provide resources, mentoring and encouragement that support enthusiastic locals in making their online business dreams become a profitable reality.  

3. Learn, Share, and Network

We're all in this together.  Choose the eCommerce platform that best fits your partners needs and use our curated directory of online resources and tools to help you mentor the business. Our community chatroom also makes learning, sharing information, problem solving, and supporting each other easy.

4. Marketplace

Woohoo... we've stuck to a plan and created something awesome!  But remember no audiance, no sales, no business.  That's why Tripstigator has a curated marketplace where our members can offer their unique activities, products, and lessons to curious travelers around the world.

5. Experience

Through such an intense experience you can expect to develop set of skills such as teamwork, leadership, adaptability, business development and more importantly creating value.                                                                   

Our Mission

To increase economic mobility in underserved markets by connecting talented individuals with digital peer-to-peer marketplaces.